Greater Vision Advertising

About Us

We are a Youth Owned innovative entity, that understand different markets. Thus at Greater Vision Ad understand our growth is dependant on your growth. We are always ready to educate you!


Greater Vision Advertising was established in the year 2015. Founded by Mosiuoa Mariti, Our current managing director.Mosiuoa is a Lesotho born South African Citizen, A vinyl applicator by profession

We started off as a subcontracting and service provider for Khumo Consulting (Bonaad) , This is the first company we rendered services on behalf of (2015). Under Khumo Consulting we did branding for The Proshop, British American Tobacco (B.A.T), and World of golf amongst others.

In 2016 El shadai Printers also came aboard,we started subcontracting for them, and a couple of others.This led to a realisation of the demand for a broader scope of services from us. We then started expanding to other aspects branding related. we did this by subcontracting Graduates (freelancers). We view this as job creation vehicle and it really pays off.

In the year 2017 we stareted formulating partnerships with other smme's, In an attempt to broaden our reach and also also to minimise our turnaround thus making delivery quicker. Now our speedy delivery sets us and our partners apart from other businessses rendering services such as ours.

In this field are in innovational growth is emminent. And for us our out of the box ideas have been a pivotal factor in our growth. We hope for a never ceasing growth and with your supports it is possible.

Greater Vision Advertising

Our Partners

We are proud to be associated with these soon to be huge brands, because of the amazing work they do.

  • Adept To adapt (led by Michael)
  • LN Business (led by Lazarus)
  • Thedima Trading (led by Thabo)
  • Sizoluhle (led by Sizo)

Greater Vision Advertising

Our biggest clients

Some of these business might be businesses you are familiar with. They trust us to do their jobs, so you should too.

  • The Ngomas
  • Saki Print
  • TSZ Signs
  • Nabushome Glass and Alluminium